CPC’s product philosophy is simple: Offer our customers the “best-in-class” technology from each product line that we support. It’s that simple. No confusion over multiple competing solutions to choose from. We have found that our product offerings generally result in the least-cost solution over the long-term, even if the up-front investment is a little more than the other guys. It all comes down to reliability, durability, and support.

Our product lines include:

  • Gated parking, revenue, and access control
  • Multi-space parking payment stations
  • Space availability and way finding
  • Electric vehicle “Smart” chargers
  • Mobile parking apps

Our Equipment Partners


Gated Systems, access and revenue control solutions.

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Multi-space parking payment technology

Space availability, LED signage, and way finding solutions.




The world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network!


Ballparc develops cloud-based, mobile-enabled software solutions for the parking industry. Available solutions include Event Parking and Parking Enforcement.

Two way audio/video intercoms that can be mounted to existing gated systems.



Individual space counting solutions and other counting utilities.

Cloud based parking software and hardware that allows for on the fly rate changes and revenue reporting.

Advanced RFID proximity readers that can be mounted to existing gated systms, allowing easy entry and exit for customers.