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Creative Parking offers multi-space parking pay stations from T2 Systems, an innovative leader in the design, and manufacture of parking technology, including multi-space parking meters, management software, and online services for the parking industry.


LUKE II, the next generation of the LUKE multi-space pay station, is a highly secure, flexible parking pay station suitable for on- and off-street deployments. LUKE II fulfills customer service expectations and delivers superior performance and significant contributions to operators’ top and bottom line.



Why Multi-Space Parking Pay Stations?
T2’s multi-space parking pay stations serve on- or off-street parking and are installed at regular intervals on city streets or in off-street surface lots or parking structures. The following are key highlights of the T2 multi-space parking pay stations for the end consumer and for the operator:

For Consumers

  • Range of convenient payment options, such as coins, bills, credit cards, smart cards, value cards, campus cards, coupons, and even Pay-by-Phone
  • Contactless payments for rapid parking transactions
  • Large color screen that is easy to read
  • Prompts in multiple languages
  • Coin change capabilities or coin escrow refunds consumers’ money upon a cancelled transaction
  • Ability to pay for parking or extend time at any pay station in the system
  • 38-key full alphanumeric keypad for easy license plate entry (NEW: Lighted keypad!!)
  • Easily recognizable design identifies machine to consumers as a parking pay station
  • Extend-by-phone pay station service

Parking Operators

  • Separate maintenance and collection compartments for enhanced security
  • Theft-resistant design to protect coins, bills, and internal components
  • Enhanced locking mechanism and electronic lock support for added security
  • PCI compliant and PA-DSS validated system ensures credit card data security
  • Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Space, and Pay-by-License Plate on the same pay station
  • Remote configuration of rates and policies saves time and money
  • Integration with leading parking technology partners for a complete solution
  • Flexible rate structures, diverse payment options, and the elimination of ‘piggybacking’ can enable up to an 80 percent increase in revenue
  • Reduced maintenance and collections costs
  • Real-time credit card processing to reduce processing fees and eliminate bad debt
  • Real-time reporting and alarming
  • Complete audit trail and rich analytics


Unique Pay Station Service to Offer Consumer Convenience
Extend-by-Phonedigital payment technologies extend by phone

The industry’s first Extend-by-Phone parking pay station service allows consumers to receive parking expiration notices and extend time for pay-station-initiated parking transactions via text (SMS) messaging.

Key Benefits:

The Extend-by-Phone service can provide many benefits to parking operators, most notably an opportunity to increase revenue. By making it more convenient for consumers to pay for parking, parking operators encourage compliance and reduce the number of consumers who risk getting a ticket by not paying for the time they need.

The Extend-by-Phone service is a unique parking pay station feature that offers services and benefits that are complementary to those delivered by T2’s existing Pay-by-Phone integrations.


Back-end Parking Management Systems for Operational Efficiencies
T2 has created two parking management systems to provide the parking operator complete control and visibility over its parking operation, allowing it to operate more efficiently.


IRIS is a Web-based service hosted in a PCI compliant and PA-DSS validated environment and is designed specifically for the parking industry. IRIS allows any parking operator to easily manage its parking operations. The software management program provides a wealth of real-time information on the status of the parking lots and pay stations, from revenue and security monitoring, to power levels and environmental conditions.

IRIS Features

  • Securely log into the system from anywhere using a Web browser
  • Configure rates, messages, and other parking information and then remotely distribute this to your pay stations
  • Compile and retrieve valid/expired stall information for all pay stations using any pay station on the network
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Supports numerous processors or gateways such as Authorize.Net or Paymentech Payment
  • Monitoring and alarming related to the status of each pay station
  • Dashboard console with dozens of customize-able data widgets
  • Real-time reports based on transactions and stall information from pay stations
  • Coupons for free or discounted permits
  • Value card processing for value cards and campus cards in real-time including Blackboard, TotalCard and NuVision
  • Pay-by-Phone integration
  • Digital API for integration with best-in-class third-party solutions, such as enforcement handhelds, space occupancy sensors, Pay-by-Phone systems, and campus card servers

Back Office Support System (BOSS)

BOSS is a PC-based application that allows the parking operator complete flexibility in configuring the pay station behavior. With BOSS, operators can define sophisticated rate structures, customize welcome screens, advertise messages, and display parking policy across the entire parking operation. The configuration can even be remotely transferred to the pay stations, eliminating time-consuming visits to each pay station.


Examples of Pay Station Applications
The pay stations are very flexible and can be configured to provide payment solutions in different industries or even for different activities. Examples include:

  • On-street parking
  • Off-street lots
  • Parking garages
  • Municipalities
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Airports
  • Transit park-and-ride stations
  • Hospitals
  • Parks and recreation facilities
  • Beach pass vending
  • Boat launch
  • Campsite fee
  • And more!
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