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Parking isn’t just about products, payment and convenience—it’s about a holistic understanding of your business needs and expectations. Creative Parking Concepts works directly with you to customize your parking operations while offering best-in-class parking solutions that benefit both you and your customers.

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Gated Parking

Our advanced gated parking solutions are designed to specifically accommodate your property needs.

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In October 2022, our company was chosen as the first US distributor of Scheidt & Bachmann parking and revenue control systems in S&B's 150 year history. S&B is a world-leader in robust, scalable parking technology and we are proud to represent this time-honored brand across the Southeast.

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Our relationship with Flash goes back to 2016, when we became one of their first certified installers. Since then, CPC has installed over 50 Flash sites around the southeast and midwest.

We have been working with Parker Technologies since 2015, providing sales, installation, and in-field support.

Smart EV Charging

We partner with leading providers of cloud-enabled EV charging solutions across the full spectrum of workplace, retail, hospitality, multi-family, automotive, and fleet applications, supporting both Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast) charging solutions. 

In November 2023, we completed a partnership agreement with EVPassport to sell, install, and support their full portfolio of products. Check out the latest member of the CPC family!

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In 2014 CPC became an authorized partner of Chargepoint, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. We cover the complete line of Chargepoint Level 2 and Level 3 EVSE, and to date, we have deployed over 350 Chargepoint plugs!

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Since 2012, T2 Multi-Space Pay Stations remain one of our mainstay product lines.  In addition to TN, T2 has entrusted us with additional territory, expanding over the years to include:  GA, KY, AL, MS, NC, SC and Florida.  Currently, CPC has over 300 T2 pay stations across 7 states under our care.

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All our solutions utilize cloud-based software and services professionally hosted and managed by the manufacturers. On-premises servers are always optional. Integrations are cloud-based, minimizing the need for in-field upgrades and other administrative headaches.

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Mobile Tools

nWave provides an integrated parking enforcement app that works with their space sensors
to create effective parking enforcement rules and processes.

Mobile payments

Flexible Payments

In 2020, T2 launched T2 Mobile Pay, both as a compliment to their pay station platform, or as a standalone point-of-sale. The T2MP platform even includes merchant validation features that allow area merchants to grant free or discounted parking.

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Way Finding

We use advanced parking technology for streamlined vehicle guidance, redirection and monitoring services.

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Creative Parking Concepts is an authorized sales and installation partner with Signal-Tech since 2013. Our partnership was built around their zoned vehicle counting and occupancy display solution called RedStorm.


nWave is one of the most recent additions to our portfolio of products, nWave provides wireless vehicle sensors that are easy to install, and communicate over the long-range wireless protocal, LoRa

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Safety & Security

Safely manage parking with our high-speed overhead doors, impact recovery systems, LED signage, video surveillance and analytics.

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Since 2018, ASI Doors has proven to be a powerful addition to our product portfolio, providing our customers with many types and styles of high-speed overhead doors.

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We sell a wide variety of products from Impact Recovery Systems, including their very popular Slow-Stop™ shock-absorbing bollards.

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Signal-Tech is our go-to partner for LED signage and pedestrian safety features.


Creative Parking Concepts is a proud partner of Digital Watchdog, a leading provider of analytics-equipped video surveillance cameras and NVRs.

Over-Clearance Warning Systems

Avoid the financial burden of low-structure collisions with technology that detects vehicle height and warns drivers of over-clearance conditions. In most cases, we can prevent oversize vehicles from entering the facility.

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